Red Man Orchid by Joe Vary

Red Man Orchid is part of Wild and Free, a collection of wildlife portraits capturing some of our planet’s incredible wildlife.  This photograph captures a very striking red form of the Man Orchid (Orchis anthropophora).

The Man Orchid is one of our earlier flowering British native orchids.  I thought that it got its name from the little flowers that resemble people with arms, legs and a head.  However, another story suggests that wild flower lovers spread the story that if you picked these beautiful flowers you would be visited by the hangman the very next day.



All of my photographs are printed on Fuji DP II Professional Colour Paper.  This stunning paper delivers beautiful tones, sharpness and all round image quality.

It is coated with a slightly stippled texture and is very resistant to fingerprints and scuffs.  Fuji DP II Professional Colour Paper has a semi-matt finish with minimal glare.

N.B: If you would like your photo printed on a different type of paper, please do get in touch as I may be able to print to your specification.

Each photograph is printed with a one inch white border.  This allows for easy mounting or may serve as a minimalistic border in its own right.

None of the prints that I sell arrive with a frame.  However, I can recommend The Frame Company for custom sized frames.

Yes I can.  If you would like one of my photographs printed to a specific size or on a different type of paper, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

None of the prints that I provide are limited edition.

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