Orion on the Coast by Joe Vary

Orion on the Coast is part of The Coast at Night, a collection of night photographs capturing the night light of the British coast.  Orion on the Coast captures a calm area of coast with the constellations Orion, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Gemini and Lepus shining brightly above.

This shot was captured on the Isle of Thanet on a cold January night.  Due to the long exposure needed to capture enough light for this photograph, the low clouds appear to be moving slowly below the constellations above.



All of my photographs are printed on Fuji DP II Professional Colour Paper.  This stunning paper delivers beautiful tones, sharpness and all round image quality.

It is coated with a slightly stippled texture and is very resistant to fingerprints and scuffs.  Fuji DP II Professional Colour Paper has a semi-matt finish with minimal glare.

N.B: If you would like your photo printed on a different type of paper, please do get in touch as I may be able to print to your specification.

Each photograph is printed with a one inch white border.  This allows for easy mounting or may serve as a minimalistic border in its own right.

None of the prints that I sell arrive with a frame.  However, I can recommend The Frame Company for custom sized frames.

Yes I can.  If you would like one of my photographs printed to a specific size or on a different type of paper, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

None of the prints that I provide are limited edition.

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