Here you’ll find a few of my favourite resources.  They include some free photography resources that I’ve created to help you develop your photography skills.  I also have some paid for resources that may be useful for anyone joining one of my photography workshops. 


Nightscape Exposure Sheet - Free Download

Try this FREE downloadable resource!  Use this one page PDF to work out your ideal exposure time based on your camera and lens focal length.  It’s easy to understand and will help you to reduce star trails and noise in your nightscape photographs.

Why not print it out and take it with you when you go photographing at night.  Or to save paper, download it to your phone and use it whenever you adjust your focal length.

File Size: 134 KB

File Type: PDF

Includes: Recommended nightscape exposure times for common focal lengths ranging from 10-85mm.  For use with both crop sensor and full frame cameras.  Calculated using the 300, 400 and 500 rules.

Recommended to: Anyone who is relatively new to nightsky photography and looking to improve their photographs.

Nightscape Photography Gear Checklist - Free Download

Try this FREE downloadable resource!  This one page PDF will help you to remember everything that you need to take on your nightscape photography shoots. 

I created this checklist after driving for half an hour to a location that I’d been planning to photograph for weeks.  When I got there I realised that I’d forgotten to take my SD card out of the laptop.  The feeling when you realise you’ll be heading home without any photos is horrible!   

I’ve printed mine out it’s stuck on the bedroom door.  Before each ight photography trip I check through it to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.  It’s simple but it really works.    

File Size: 96 KB

File Type: PDF

Includes: A short but very helpful list of everything that I bring on my nightscape photography shoots.  Includes camera gear, accessories, clothing and refreshments.

Recommended to: Anyone that goes out photographing at night with the hope of capturing the stars!