Hey there!  I hope you’re enjoying spring and making the most of the relaxation on lockdown rules.  We’re now allowed as much exercise as we want and are able to travel a little distance by car.  That’s great news for wildflower enthusiasts like me.  I was able to get out last weekend and go orchid hunting for the first time this year.

Visiting a few local sites I found eight different species which was amazing!  As well as seeing so many species, there’s a seemingly infinite amount of variety within each species.  For example, the Green Winged Orchid (Anacamptis morio) is normally purple, but I found a lovely salmon pink form and also a white one. 

I’ve made this video so you can get to know which orchids you might expect to see in Kent in early May.  Enjoy! 


I run a few wildflower photography walks throughout the country.  In each walk we be looking at some of my favourite wildflowers, learning a bit about them and how to photograph them.  This year I’ll be adding a few new wildflower walks to my schedule looking at the orchids of the Kent Downs.

As orchids don’t all flower at the same time, I’ll be running these Kent Orchid walks from early May through to late June.  Be sure to check my photography walks and workshops out as I add new sessions throughout the year.  

On all of my wildflower photography walks we’ll be in a small group.  This allows us to explore the countryside without damaging it.  We’ll be able to have great conversation about the amazing plants that we’re searching for and you’ll get plentiful one on one photography tuition time with me.  It’s going to be really fun.    

I’m looking forward to meeting you on a wildflower photography walk in the future. Until then, happy photographing!     

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  1. Craig D

    Great video Joe. Looks like you guys had a great day. Looking forward to our online session!

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